Blessings & Messages

Education in India today is at a crossroad looking for a direction. On the one hand it has to provide for means of earning for meeting economic needs of younger generation in a science and technologically oriented scenario and on the other hand  it has to produce young boys and girls of impeachable moral integrity.

For a variety of reasons the moral health of the society is severely impaired and standards of ability and capability of a large section of the young students are hardly up to the mark. Education that makes one think , reflect upon and innovate (chintan & manan) in a sanskar-creating environment is the solution for all the ills the country suffers from.

I hope Shraddha Mandir School will rise to the occasion and take the challenge head on.
                 My blessings and God Wishes

Prof. D.G.Saxena
President, Shraddha Mandir School


It was with the aim of giving shape to the dreams of Shri Yad Ram Ji that Shraddha Mandir Education Society was formed and got registered in 1994.Since then for the last 22 years we had been building and nurturing this school brick by brick and now we are a school with about 1500 students and a matching team of teacher's and administrative machinery, with modern up-to-date amenities and infrastructure.

Shraddha Mandir School aims at service through education. Accordingly our fee structure is affordable and there are various fee concessions given on means-cum-merit basis. Health and hygiene and the girl child are our top priorities.

Advocate Vijay Kumar
President, Shraddha Mandir Society


Shraddha Mandir School was recognized in April 1994 and since then had been providing quality education for the holistic growth and development of it’s students. Today it is one of the reputed premier educational institution of Distt. Faridabad. I had the proud privilege of being it’s founder Principal.
                                                            Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Ji said “ Avidya ka nash aur vidya ki vriddhi karni chahiye.”
Vidya if imparted in the right way alone can dispel doubt and ignorance and develop the reasoning faculty. In the present, World of Science and Technology nobody without a Scientific temper can survive. Debate and discussion, therefore has to be encouraged among students at an early age. We do it with sincercity.

In deference to the wishes of founding father of the school Shri Yad Ram Ji vedic rites, moral values, nationalism and social ethics are emphasized upon students so that they may understand their duties towards their parents, society and nation as a whole.

Principal Dr. G.S.Arya
M.A.(Eng); M.Ed.; Phd.